Beautiful Black Cat

April 14, 2012

I saw this cat every saturday when I go to the wet market to do my marketing.  The cat will wait patiently for the shopkeeper to come and feed him, then the cat is off on its merry way doing its thing.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of us can just focus on our things and not infringe or intrude on others when we do our things ?  There will be so much less frustration and conflicts.

Tread lightly and carefully, we are all passengers – leave something pleasant for others – to appreciate and enjoy.


Taxi Problem

July 1, 2007

There was this article in Straits Times a couple of days back about a foreigner highlighting the difficulty of getting a taxi in Singapore versus HongKong where he is staying.

Anyone in Singapore who is dependent on taxi knows that it is really a frustrating and expensive problem.

Our transport policy has made it so expensive (yes, it is still cheaper than other places in the world) and yet ineffective.  Like most Singapore policies, it is always about paying more to get the basics.  Has it worked ? For those in a taxi, how many times have you been in a taxi which is stuck in a traffic jam and watching helplessly the fast ticking meter?  Isn’t paying peak hour, CDB, etc supposed to alleviate such problems.  For those who drives, do you see a remarkable improvement in traffic congestions ? Compared to years ago, how much more are you paying ?

There are lots of taxi, they are just not there to pick you when you need it.  They are all waiting for the phone booking fee.  So what if is raining, hot, you are struggling with lots of stuff ? That is your problem.  I have seen so many empty taxi with an “On Call” sign and yet the drivers were circling the area, talking amongst each other or worse, having coffee.

May I offer my humble suggestions.

On the policy front, scrap all those charges – Peak hour, CBD, midnight and others which I cannot remember.  Everyone needs to make a money, increase the fare for it is charged according to usage.  The others are just for boosting government and corporate revenues.  If the taxi usage goes up, doesn’t the transport companies and the government benefits via higher revenues ?  So, why pretend to help the consumers with all these charges?  Even some of the taxi drivers complain that the charges are cause for slower business.  Hello, can someone who is designing all these policies please take taxi for 3 months and see if it works.  Having meetings and wasting tax payers money debating on paper does not help.

If policy is not the solution, then there is still a way out.  You can choose not to pay the phone booking, you can choose not to take taxi.  For certain reasons where you need to use a taxi, use the trains and then take taxi from somewhere closer to your home where there is not so much demand.  Planning goes a long way to save yourself money, time and frustration.

The taxi situation here is just silly.

It saddens me to read on Vegancat’s website that an elderly man spat on a stray cat that was minding its own business.

It makes me wonder – who is the “lesser” being.

How does a cat minding its own business, and probably fearing the human, be percieved as a threat to a person 10 or more times its size ?

Is it because the man is in a bad mood and needed an outlet ? Does that then justify the actions that he choose to make ?  If I am angry, does it gives me the right to do what I want to whoever, whenever and however ?  How is it that the years of parental guidance, inter-personal experiences, education, money and achievements still degenerates to such a choice of action ? Have us gravitated to the lower stratum of morality as we grow in age, accumulate wealth and “live” better ?

How does one behaving badly (defined as you not wanting to do this to yourself) to a living being that is less well off makes him more superior ? Just because he can do it, does it not exert an even more grave sense of responsibility rather than less ?  In such cases, who is then the “lesser” being ?

There are so many contradictions than I have answers.

Sure, we are all humans and thus give in to primitive drives.  But there is always a choice.

My favourite principle in life is: You cannot choose how others behave towards you, but you always have a choice on how to react.

Exercise that right – it is what makes you human that is more than just hunting for your next meal.

If you don’t exercise your judgement, then, which is the lesser being ?