Beautiful Black Cat

April 14, 2012

I saw this cat every saturday when I go to the wet market to do my marketing.  The cat will wait patiently for the shopkeeper to come and feed him, then the cat is off on its merry way doing its thing.

Wouldn’t it be great if all of us can just focus on our things and not infringe or intrude on others when we do our things ?  There will be so much less frustration and conflicts.

Tread lightly and carefully, we are all passengers – leave something pleasant for others – to appreciate and enjoy.


Dim Sum Dollies

July 8, 2007

After being recommended many times that this is very good, I decided to attend the matinee yesterday.  I kinda regret not taking the tickets that was offered to me some time ago.

Yes, it was very good.  It was entertaining and the girls (and Hosan Leong) was very entertaining.  There was many references to living in Singapore and how Singaporean views Ang Mohs (Caucasians).  The singing was clear and p0werful.  If there was regrets, it was because I did not pay for very good seats.  The matinees are quite reasonably priced.  It was sorta like the Dick Lee concert sometime back.  There was tongue in cheek references to issues dear to every thinking Singaporeans’ heart.

There was also a bunch of noisy teenagers which could be better behaved.  Maybe it is me, but I don’t expect very much of teenagers as long as they do not create too big a nuisance.

Anyway, check them out !