Costs Of Generosity

July 22, 2012

Bluebell has always been nice to Zacky, but likes to stick with him.

However, Zacky finds her annoying and makes use of her for cleaning his face and warmth on a cold day.

We bought a bed each for Zacky and Bluebell sometime ago during our travel (  Zacky, as usual, will use either bed, as he wishes and beats Bluebell when she uses his.

Now, Bluebell bed is broken due to over-crowding.  Looks like sharing has its costs.


2 Responses to “Costs Of Generosity”

  1. mao Says:

    Your cats are lovely! I adopted one in December last year. Like you, there were many questions in my head, but it was a terrific decision =^^=

    btw was one of the posts of the black cat waiting for the shop owner to arrive taken at MP? It looks familiar.. hee!

    • s1gen Says:

      Good for you.

      There’s a lot of negative and inaccurate information about cats being touted around. I’m upset with people choosing to torture an animal for many hours (importing) while thousands are currently left suffering because they are not pedigree.

      Share your experiences and educate the ignorant. In our little ways, we can make small but important differences. I have been trying to educate anyone I know (whom I think are responsible) about the joys of having a cat but most would rather have a dog due to propaganda. But I continue to do so. If I helped one cat, one cat will have a better life.

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