Really? I need to lose some weight?

July 15, 2012

After the previous post (, a lot of friends are saying that I have a hugely over-weight cat.

He’s weighs in at 4.8kg and he has been this weight actually for almost 3 years.  When you look at him overhead, he has quite a nice hour glass shape.  However, the vet did advise me not to let him get any heavier.  So, I have switched both cats to a lower calorie (indoor formula) for almost 3 years.  When they get bathed, they are so tiny and I fears for their nutrition level.

Anyway, here is some pictures of Zacky with an independent tape measure, you decide.  If you feel he is too heavy, please comment.  Thanks


3 Responses to “Really? I need to lose some weight?”

  1. agnes Says:

    My cat is exactly like yours and I would sincerely appreciate if you could tell me which food you chose .
    many thanks

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